Updated: 9th November 2019.

On 24th July 2019, our blog content (including news, opinion and features) was split off from the main site and now appears on a standalone site called Clean Feed. This change will allow the main site to be used exclusively to showcase new broadcast design and marketing projects.

Since late last year, The TV Room has been operating in “experimental mode”, with only a limited number of updates. It is hoped that we will be in a position to commence regular updates across the network of sites – The TV Room, Clean Feed and Showreel – in early 2020.

We are conscious of the fact that updates on the main site have been very limited. Although there will be some update activity on the main site in the coming months, we will not be in a position to operate a full service there until next year. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

Our Clean Feed and Showreel sites will be reasonably active. So do please check in on those sites regularly.

Twitter is our only social media presence. There are daily tweets on our main account:

THE TV ROOM: https://twitter.com/thetvroom

Clean Feed and Showreel have dedicated Twitter accounts:

CLEAN FEED: https://twitter.com/cleanfeed_ttvr (due to circumstances beyond our control, this account is currently unavailable)

SHOWREEL: https://twitter.com/showreel_ttvr

We’d appreciate your support on these accounts.