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January 1958 - May 1968

Idents [1]

Television Wales and West launched on January 14 1958, serving South Wales and the West of England. Local programming was highly regarded.

North and West Wales was the last area to come online in the ITV Network. The franchise was won by Teledu Cymru and the new service was launched on September 14 1962, broadcasting from the Presely transmitter. TC was later forced to rename to Wales West and North (WWN); this followed objections from TWW who claimed the name gave the impression that the company served the whole of Wales.

Its late start put WWN at a disadvantage; most of its franchise area had already been receiving their ITV service from other contractors. It soon became clear that viewers weren't that keen on purchasing a new aerial to receive the WWN service. WWN was also required to produce a significant amount of Welsh language programming - around 20% of its local output.

Although the quality of local output was never really an issue, financially, the company was never in good health. TWW later came to the rescue of the financially-troubled company. WWN was bought out by TWW in January 1964.

However, TWW lost its franchise in 1967. In an unprecedented move, TWW stopped providing a service before its contract was up. The company sold off the last five months of its contract to Harlech, who had won the franchise. Harlech, however, was not ready. After ITA intervention, a temporary service was set up: Independent Television Service South Wales and West.

The interim service was broadcast from the old TWW Pontcanna studio and was staffed by ex-TWW employees. Harlech took over the franchise officially, ahead of schedule, on May 20 1968.

Above: TWW ident [1]. This ident was static.

Above: TWW ident [2].

Above: TWW ident [3]. Introduced 1964, following the takeover by TWW of WWN (previously Teledu Cymru).