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November 2001 - February 2007

Idents [6] - Regional

More regional BBC Two idents.

Local continuity was carried on BBC Two in Wales from early-morning until late-night. During the period covered by this section, two separate local brands were in use on the BBC Two service: 'BBC Two Wales' was carried on analogue; 'BBC Two Wales' was also carried on digital platforms, but was replaced by 'BBC 2W' on weeknights between 8pm and 10.30pm (times varied).

BBC 2W offered a service of home-produced English-language programmes.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - BBC Four On BBC Two Wales.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Bounce.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Domino.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Drip.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Fish.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Formation.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Logo.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Remote.

Above: BBC Two Wales ident - Sticky Label.

On Monday November 05 2001, the BBC launched a new digital service for Wales which the Corporation claimed was the biggest advance in the country since the launch of the Welsh language channel, S4C, 20 years ago.

The new English language service, known as 2W, aired on weeknights between 8.30pm and 10pm (times varied). It boasted a raft of new programmes aimed at reflecting the 'culture, lives and aspirations' of the Welsh.

The service - funded by the extra 11m granted to Wales by the BBC in 2000 - is in addition to BBC One Wales and BBC Two Wales. However, it was initially available only to the 1.1 million viewers who had access to digital television in the country; although it was expected to reach half the Welsh population by the end of 2001.

Those living outside Wales could pick up the channel on digital satellite.

BBC Wales controller, Menna Richards said it was an historic moment: "This is the most significant development in Welsh broadcasting for decades," she said, adding: "We have created BBC 2W in response to the demand for more programming about Wales for Wales. The English speaking audience in Wales has never been well served."

Above: BBC 2W ident [1] - Logo. The transition from BBC Two Wales to BBC 2W often took place by means of an ident such as this.

Below, BBC 2W's original idents. The sequences featured a bright green backdrop with stylised spinning cubes and lines in the foreground.

Above: BBC 2W ident [2].

Above: BBC 2W ident [3]. More often than not, the idents carried details of programmes coming up later.

Above: BBC 2W ident [4].

Above: BBC 2W ident [5].