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February 1991 - October 1997

Christmas [2] - 1991 - A Perfect Christmas

A Perfect Christmas - "the best of the BBC archives from past Christmases, with classic comedy, drama and stars" - went out on Saturday 21st December 1991, on BBC Two. This 'theme day' had its own special set of idents.

12.10pm The Flowerpot Men.
12.25pm Dr. Finlay's Casebook.
1.15pm EastEnders [1986].
2.15pm Top of the Pops Christmas Special '73.
3.00pm The Queen.
3.05pm Film: It's a Wonderful Life [1946].
5.15pm Steptoe and Son [1974].
6.00pm Christmas Night with the Stars [1964].
7.00pm News and Sport.
7.15pm Strangeways [1980].
8.00pm A Stocking Full of Christmas Clichés.
8.30pm Evacuees [1975].
9.45pm The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show.
10.45pm Hancock's Half Hour [1958].
11.15pm The Signalman [1976].
11.55pm Film: The Big Sleep [1946].

Above: BBC Two ident - A Perfect Christmas - Introduction. A one minute programme preview followed this ident.

Above: BBC Two ident - The Flowerpot Men. Bill and Ben go skating.

Above: BBC Two ident - Dr. Finlay's Casebook. A festive episode from the 60s drama series set in a Scottish doctor's surgery.

Above: BBC Two ident - EastEnders. The two-part cliffhanger from Christmas 1986.

Above: BBC Two ident - Top of the Pops Christmas Special '73. With Slade, Gary Glitter, Sweet, Wizzard and Pan's People.

Above: BBC Two ident - The Queen.

Above: BBC Two ident - It's a Wonderful Life. A small-town businessman believes his life is a failure until, on Christmas Eve, he finds out how things would have been without him. With James Stewart.

Above: BBC Two ident - Steptoe and Son. A seasonal episode from 1974 of the comedy series written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. Starring Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett.

Above: BBC Two ident - Christmas Night with the Stars. A vintage Christmas of celebrities from 1964. Jack Warner introduces Billy Cotton, Kathy Kirby, Dick Emery, Andy Stewart, The Likely Lads, Richard Briers and Prunella Scales.

Above: BBC Two ident - Toy. This was used to link into a promo for 'Christmas Night With The Stars'.

The 'Shadow' ident was used for the 7.15pm showing of 'Strangeways'. Christmas behind bars was the subject of this memorable episode of the award-winning 1980 documentary series.

Above: BBC Two ident - A Stocking Full of Christmas Clichés. The 'Blue Peter' Advent crown, Noel Edmonds' jumpers, stuffing the turkey with Fanny Cradock - a light-hearted look at the television traditions that make up Christmas.

Above: BBC Two ident - Evacuees. A classic drama by Jack Rosenthal, which was shown on Christmas Day 1975. Starring Maureen Lipman. With the onset of war in 1939, schoolboys Danny and Neville have to leave for Blackpool. They are billeted on Mrs Graham, but her well-intentioned strictness presents too strong a contrast with the Jewish home they have left behind in Manchester.

Above: BBC Two ident - The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show. Festive fun from a decade of Britain's best loved comic duo.

Above: BBC Two ident - Hancock's Half Hour. 'Ericson The Viking', written by Ray Galton and Alan Simpson. This rare yuletide episode of the vintage comedy, not seen since its first screening in 1958, features Tony Hancock ruminating about the imminent demise of his acting career. Why did he ever let Sidney persuade him to play a Viking hero in a cut-price swashbuckling epic?

Above: BBC Two ident - The Signalman. A ghost story by Charles Dickens, dramatised by Andrew Davies for Christmas 1976. A lonely signalman is haunted by a hooded figure which seems to warn of danger. But what exactly is the danger? Stars Denholm Elliott, Bernard Lloyd and Carina Wyeth.

Above: BBC Two ident - The Big Sleep. A Hollywood classic to round off a perfect television Christmas, starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Becall. When private eye Philip Marlowe is summoned to the home of a bedridden millionaire, his visit leads him into a labyrinth of blackmail, drugs and murder.

Above: BBC Two promotional trail [1] [1991].