Launched on Sunday 14th November 1999, The TV Room started out life as the TV presentation anorak’s equivalent of a stamp collection – with a vast library of stills, video and background information about channel idents and programme title sequences/set design.  Within a few years, the site expanded to include talent profiles, old programme schedules and features.

On Sunday 25th November 2018, after a hiatus of seven-and-a-half years, the site returned, with an updated look/structure and a new purpose.  The TV Room now showcases the latest TV branding, graphic design and marketing projects.

And just to note: the old version of the site remains accessible here: But please be aware: it’s not mobile-friendly and there are no plans to make it so.

Content explained

We strive to include as much background and behind-the-scenes/supporting information as possible.  To that end, we would welcome input from those involved in the featured projects.  A key aim is to build a resource that will serve as a comprehensive reference, a source of knowledge and education on the subject.  Our target audience includes design and marketing professionals, those intending to pursue a career in any of the associated industries and individuals who simply have an interest in the subject.

Although visitors to the site are free to post comments on these pages, the main editorial content on the showcase pages does not include reviews or the opinions of any member of The TV Room team.

NETWORK CONTROL: channel branding and on-screen presentation.

STAND BY STUDIO: programme title sequences, graphics and set design.

HYPE: programme-specific/campaign/service promotions.

CUE DOT: advertisements.

DAILY PICTORIAL: visual journalism.