ITV launched its year-long ITV Creates campaign on 1st January 2019, where channel idents produced by a different artist/designer are aired each week. The campaign didn’t quite stretch across the Irish Sea though – UTV continued with the ident package first introduced in October 2016.

The TV Room reader Gavin Martin quizzed ITV about the decision to omit UTV from the ITV Creates campaign. Here’s the reply he received:

The idents on the ITV main channel were updated recently as they had been running for almost 6 years and we therefore believed it was time for an updated look.

Although the same idents have been used on UTV, they have been running for a much shorter period of time and so we don’t believe a refresh is yet required for this channel. We will of course be reviewing this over time and will consider an update to the UTV idents at some point in the future.

Elaine, ITV Viewer Services Officer


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