Broadcaster/Channel: BBC, BBC Two
Broadcast Area: UK: National
Design/Marketing/Post: BBC Creative, Superunion
Studio Facilities: Unavailable
OB Facilities: Unavailable
Music: Unavailable
Set Design: Unavailable
Software: Unavailable
Hardware: Unavailable

This sequence initially appeared on Friday 28th September 2018. Although used infrequently, it was temporarily withdrawn from use during October 2018. Similar to the situation concerning the Thought-Provoking ident, it is understood there were concerns about the snake skin patterning in the ident having the potential to trigger migraines for some viewers. An updated version of the ident materialised on Sunday 4th November 2018 – the only discernible change from the original version being a reduction in saturation levels. The ident puts in only a rare appearance and is typically used for drama productions.

BBC Two Network Broadcasts

Other Credit Information

Announcer: Dean Lydiate [VRef: 9188]