Broadcaster/Channel: BBC, BBC Two
Broadcast Area: UK: National
Design/Marketing/Post: BBC Creative, Superunion
Studio Facilities: Unavailable
OB Facilities: Unavailable
Music: Unavailable
Set Design: Unavailable
Software: Unavailable
Hardware: Unavailable

A series of red/purple lines twist and turn, to almost mesmerising effect. Not quite sure what it’s supposed to be but DNA structures come to mind. This one usually puts in a few appearances every day. It was launched on Thursday 27th September 2018.

BBC Two Network Broadcasts

Here we see the first occasion (TBC) where Sign Zone idents (featuring text overlays) included the ident soundtrack. Until now, the soundtrack was mute for idents linking Sign Zone programmes.

Other Credit Information

Announcer: Unknown [VRef: 9177] Announcer: David Vickery [VRef: 9173]
Announcer: Ashleigh Whitfield [VRef: 9171]