Brand: Tesco
Advertisement Genre: Retail
Broadcast Area: UK: National
Studio Facilities: Unavailable
OB Facilities: Unavailable
Production Company: Unavailable
Design/Marketing/Post: BBH
Music: Unavailable
Set Design: Unavailable
Software: Unavailable
Hardware: Unavailable

Tesco’s main Christmas ad debuted on 6th November 2018.  The campaign celebrates the different ways the nation does Christmas, while showcasing the quality of its food and drink.  The ad drops in on people in different households, hearing what Christmas means to them.  A festive version of Fleetwood Mac’s Go Your Own Way plays in the background.

Tesco’s head of marketing, Alessandra Bellini told Marketing Week: “At the core of it was a very simple idea: at Christmas, the country unites with their family, friends, loved ones; it is a moment of great unity, togetherness, joy and abundance.

“But what we discovered when you look underneath it and you ask people how they do their Christmas, you find out everyone does it in their own way.”

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