UTV ceased broadcasting from Havelock House in June 2018, following a relocation to the top floor of the City Quays 2 office block.  The station had clocked up almost 59 years of broadcasting from the Ormeau Road site.  Earlier in the year, Havelock House was sold.  It will soon be demolished, making way for rented housing.  But before it disappears forever, I thought I’d pop over to the site and take a few photos.

The once busy carpark now completely empty.

Here we see the side of Havelock House, which runs along the Ormeau Road.  The footpath unfortunately leaves the building susceptible to graffiti.  Although there had always been issues with graffiti, the frequency of such incidents seemed to increase in the last twelve months of UTV’s occupancy.  Graffiti was usually removed (not very well in many instances) or painted over fairly quickly.

This is the rear of the building.  A new apartment block was erected alongside Havelock House recently and has only just opened.  Some superficial construction work relating to the apartment block was still in progress when these pictures were taken.


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