Broadcaster/Channel: RTÉ, RTÉ One
Broadcast Area: Ireland: National
Design/Marketing/Post: RTÉ Graphic Design
Studio Facilities: Unavailable
OB Facilities: Unavailable
Music: Unavailable
Set Design: Unavailable
Software: Unavailable
Hardware: Unavailable
Featured On-Air Talent: TBC (Announcer)

Only the second new ident to be added to the standard set since 1st January 2008. This one has a distinct autumn feel about it, featuring dead leaves rustling in the breeze, a view of a mountain shrouded in mist, and finishing up on a shoreline, where the water comes in on top of the RTÉ One logo (which incidentally, is positioned differently from the 2014 batch).

And somewhat unusually, the soundtrack is left in the hands of nature.

We suspect this ident may have debuted in 2018. It’s rarely used.

VIDEO: RTÉ One ident: Leaves/Mist/Shore. Announcer: TBC. TX DATE/TIME: 18th September 2019, 1.55pm. SUPPLIED BY: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: RTÉ. VREF: 15012-01.

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