BBC Weather today unveiled an updated TV graphics package. Nothing major – just a change of font, from Helvetica to BBC Reith. The bespoke BBC font is being rolled out across all BBC services on a phased basis.

BBC Sport was one of the first departments to make the switch to BBC Reith, back in summer 2017. BBC News has been gradually introducing the font on its website (with more sub-section home pages transitioning to Reith today) and some programme title sequences on the TV news services have been updated in the last few months. An update to the on-screen graphics for BBC TV News – which was due to be on air by now – is expected to finally launch next month, though it’s not clear if all regional news centres will be ready to transition across to the new graphics at that point.

Below are some screengrabs of the updated weather graphics in action on day one of the new look. Curiously, the old Gill Sans BBC Weather logo was still in use on the forecast opening graphic – though the BBC Reith version was in place on the closing graphic. Somewhat disappointing to see evidence of auto-kerning in the new logo, resulting in unequal spacing between the letters. There’s also an odd glitch with the horizontal centring of the values within some of the temperature boxes – particularly where the second digit is a ‘1’.



PICTURED: new BBC Weather logo. SOURCE: The TV Room. COPYRIGHT: BBC.