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February 2009 - Present

Idents [1]

On October 08 2008, UKTV announced plans to rebrand its 'People' and 'Documentary' channels. This would be phase three of a project which would ultimately result in the rebranding of channels across the entire UKTV portfolio. In 2006, UKTV G2 was rebranded 'Dave' - a move which UKTV claimed resulted in increased ratings and market share for the channel. On October 07 2008, UKTV Gold and UKTV Gold+1 became 'G.O.L.D.' and 'Watch' respectively, with UKTV Drama being replaced by 'Alibi'.

On February 17 2009, UKTV People became 'Blighty', whilst UKTV Documentary morphed into 'Eden'. UKTV controller, Matthew Littleford, explained the thinking behind the name changes:

"When I was at ITV we used to say how we would kill for UKTV's content. But the names of the channels were not a good fit - and if you want to provide the leading factual channels, you must have names that grab you."

"Eden and Blighty will shake up and re-invigorate the factual section of the EPG with clearly defined channel brands that deliver very compelling promises to viewers.

"The rebrands will ensure UKTV becomes as well known for its factual content as it is for Dave and Watch and establish us as the factual market leaders in pay TV.

"Blighty captures the spirit of contemporary Britain and all its nuances. This is a country where our national dish is chicken tikka massala, where graffiti sells for a small fortune and where an Essex couple get 50,000 visitors to a Hindu shrine in their spare bedroom."

Littleford said the name Eden was chosen because the programming made viewers feel as if they were in "foreign climes".

He added: "When you watch shows involving Sir David Attenborough and Bruce Parry you feel like you are somewhere else, somewhere far away. I think Eden captures that perfectly."

Tom Lucas, UKTV director of marketing and communications: "Eden and Blighty will demonstrate that factual channel brands can brim with personality and still be authoritative and credible. Each channel is a reason to be cheerful in an increasingly bleak world, and will studiously avoid the worthiness endemic to some of our competitors."

Idents and positioning for Blighty and Eden were developed by the UKTV marketing team alongside creative agency Red Bee Media.

Above: Blighty ident [1]. Short version.

Above: Blighty ident [2]. Long version.

Above: Blighty ident [3]. Short version.

Above: Blighty ident [4]. Long version.

Above: Blighty ident [5]. Long version.

Above: Blighty ident [6]. Long version.