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October 2002 - November 2003

Idents [3]

The week beginning December 09 2002 saw more change. Just over a month since the launch of the national personality idents, UTV had managed to cobble together its own take on the ITV 1 idents, featuring UTV personalities.

Havelock House studio 1 had a temporary makeover, to house a set similar to that used on the Network idents. The 'UTV Live' set (studio 2) was also used as a backdrop for some of the idents. The in-house efforts all featured soundtracks used on the Network idents.

Over ten idents were used. UTV personalities featured included: Julian Simmons; Pamela Ballintine; Fearghal McKinney; Mike Nesbitt; Lynda Bryans; Frank Mitchell; Alison Fleming; Gary Gillespie; Ken Reid; Adrian Logan.

Idents featuring Network celebrities were interspersed with the local idents.

However, not long into 2003, the national and local celebs were putting in fewer appearances on UTV. By late-February 2003, UTV were using a longer version of their break sting as an ident; this was used in many junctions. A silent, still version of this ident was also putting in regular appearances.

In-vision continuity remained popular when Julian Simmons was on duty - mainly Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Above: UTV ident [21] - Gary Gillespie.

Above: UTV ident [22] - Frank Mitchell.

Above: UTV ident [23] - Adrian Logan.

Above: UTV ident [24] - Pamela Ballantine/Alison Fleming/Claire McCollum.

Above: UTV ident [25] - Alison Fleming.

Above: UTV ident [26] - Claire McCollum.

Above: UTV ident [27] - Pamela Ballantine.

Above: UTV ident [28] - Frank Mitchell/Adrian Logan.

Above: UTV ident [29] - Fearghal McKinney.

Above: UTV ident [30] - Mike Nesbitt/Lynda Bryans.

Above: UTV ident [31] - Julian Simmons.

Above: UTV ident [32]. Still version.