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October 2002 - November 2003

Idents [1]

On Monday October 28 2002, ITV 1 presentation in England, Wales, Scottish Borders, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands was relaunched. The new format saw the ITV 1 brand take prominence over regional identities such as HTV, Yorkshire, Tyne Tees and LWT in a bid to give the network a more unified look.

Regional ITV 1 companies in England and the Channel Islands retained only a small element of individual identity, on idents linking into local news and regional programmes. ITV 1 in Northern Ireland, however, put a firm stamp of national identity on its idents and presentation graphics, with the 'ITV 1' logo being replaced with the 'UTV' logo.

UTV initially and rather surprisingly had taken on much of the new look rolled out in England and Wales. The Belfast-based station ditched all of its local symbols in favour of the 'personality' dents provided by the ITV Network; albeit with the UTV logo. The Network break bumper and programme promotion graphics were also adapted.

Below, a small sample of the UTV-branded 'personality' idents. For a more comprehensive selection of the idents used on ITV 1 throughout England and Wales, please refer to the ITV 1 section.

Above: UTV ident - Davina McCall [1].

Above: UTV ident - Davina McCall [2].

Above: UTV ident - Ant and Dec [1].

Above: UTV ident - Ant and Dec [2].

Above: UTV ident - Chris Tarrant.

Above: UTV ident - Fern Briton.

Above: UTV ident - The Bill.

Above: UTV ident - Frank Skinner [1].

Above: UTV ident - Frank Skinner [2].