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July 2000 - January 2001

Idents [1]

C-Day - Saturday July 01 2000 - the day from which all TV commercials had to be supplied in widescreen format. Also on this date, ITV and Channel 4 began transmitting commercials and continuity material in widescreen. UTV marked the occasion by unveiling a new set of idents; new programme promotion graphics were also introduced.

In-vision continuity links remained unchanged for the time being though.

The four new idents initially carried the URL for UTV Internet. This was removed by July 10 2000.

Above: UTV ident - Scenery [1].

Above: UTV ident - Scenery [2].

Above: UTV ident - Fish. This ident was withdrawn a few weeks after its first airing. The underwater sequence used in this ident also featured in UTV's 'Best Catch' campaign - an on-air promotion used to encourage purchase of advertising air time on UTV.

Above: UTV ident - Flashing Colours.