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October 1959 - June 1993

Idents [1]

Ulster Television went on air at 4.45pm on October 31 1959. Sir Laurence Olivier introduced the opening ceremony.

Above: Ulster Television ident [1]. This was the station's first ident. A modified static version of this symbol was used on most occasions, in preference to the film version. The logo remained in use until 1969.

Above: Ulster Television ident [2]. Here we see the ident introduced in 1969. Ulster Television ident [3]. A colour version was in use from September 1970, when the station's UHF colour service launched from the Divis transmitter. This static symbol remained in use until summer 1988; however, during the 1980s, appearances were largely restricted to the end of imported programmes.

Above: Ulster Television ident [4] [October 1980 - late-1988]. Introduced to celebrate Ulster Television's twenty-first anniversary.

Launched on October 31 1980, the ident appeared in only a handful of junctions each day, until January 1988, when ITV discontinued the practice of having ITV-produced programmes start with the ident of the ITV company that produced the programme. Although the ident had been appearing before most locally-produced programmes and imports, from 1988, the 'telly on a stick' symbol would also now appear before networked programmes.

Above: Ulster Television ident [5]. In 1987, this short ident sequence was used to introduce the weekday evening regional news programme 'Six Tonight'. For a short period in autumn 1988, this sequence replaced the 'telly on a stick' ident.

Above: Ulster Television ident [6]. This static caption was in use during the summer of 1988. It appeared at the end of imported programmes, replacing the static yellow on blue ident that had been in use since the 1970s. The 'telly on a stick' continued to introduce programmes.

Above: Ulster Television ident [7] [late-1988 - 1993].

Above: Ulster Television ident [8]. Still version.