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December 1998 - November 2001

Idents [1]

ITV 2 launched on December 07 1998.

The new network offered the best of ITV's schedule as well as new programming and top sporting events. Viewers had the opportunity to catch the latest episodes of 'Coronation Street', 'Emmerdale' and 'The Bill' later the same night as well as recent top ITV drama. Champions League football, Formula 1 and live action from the Serie A Italian league could all be found on ITV 2. Familiar faces presenting shows exclusively for the channel included Sir Trevor McDonald, Gabby Yorath and Katie Durham.

ITV 2 was available free on Digital Terrestrial Television and through most cable operators during this period. The service also became available on Sky Digital by November 2001.

Northern Ireland had its own version of ITV 2 - UTV 2 - basically ITV 2 with a few archive UTV offerings replacing some of the ITV 2 output. The Northern Ireland channel carried the ITV 2 DOG on all non-UTV-originated programming. UTV 2 blocked out the ITV 2 commercial breaks; they had their own ad filler instead. UTV 2 was replaced by ITV 2 from Friday January 25 2002.

Until late-July 2001, Scotland also had their own version of ITV 2. S 2 had its own advertisements but like UTV 2, broadcast most of the ITV 2 schedule. S 2 also showed some local programming, mostly at weekends. Incidentally, S 2 had no local continuity announcer (nor did UTV 2). S 2 was replaced by ITV 2 on Friday July 27 2001.

The Channel 3 breakfast franchise holder GMTV also provided a nationwide second channel - GMTV 2 - which broadcast between 6am and 9.25am on the ITV 2 channel.

Typical ITV 2 transmission hours during this period: from 4pm until 2am weekdays and 9.25am until 2am at weekends.

Only one set of commercials was broadcast on the ITV 2 service across the UK.

NOTE: the images in this section show presentation on ITV 2 post-autumn 2000. Promotional trail end boards and programme menu designs were altered in autumn 2000; the idents were also tweaked slightly. If you have any footage of ITV 2 presentation prior to autumn-2000, we'd be delighted to hear from you. Please refer to our Contact page for details of how to get in touch with us.

Above: ITV 2 ident [1].

Above: ITV 2 ident [2].

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