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November 2006 - January 2013

Idents [1]

ITV introduced the second phase of its on screen rebranding of ITV 1 on Monday November 13 2006. The previous batch of symbols, produced by Red Bee Media, were superceded by four new ident sequences.

The new idents used concepts originated by Red Bee Media. Incorporating 3D elements such as fish and humming birds, the new sequences were created by post-production company The Mill, which won an Oscar for its work on the movie 'Gladiator'.

The idents were directed by Pleix and Blink Productions.

ITV's marketing director, David Pemsel, said: "Brand identity is a constantly evolving proposition and I am delighted with the second phase of on screen creative which has been delivered for ITV 1."

James Studholme, Blink Production's managing director said: "We jumped at the chance to work on such an interesting project. It isn't often you get to work on one of the biggest branding projects in the country and offer your expertise to enhance the creative. The warmth and humanity of the idents, mixed with the magic of the yellow coming to life in CG, was a glove fit for Pleix."

Red Bee Media creative director Tim Platt said: "This was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Pleix and ITV to develop a unique set of idents that really reflect the aspirations of the channel. These idents are a further progression of the ITV 1 brand expressing the concept of 'alive with colour' through six very individual and surprising scenarios."

From Monday November 13 2006, the four idents in use were: Market; Lake; Beach; Bike. Four break stings based on the new idents were also introduced on this date. Two additional idents - Pavement Art and Basketball - were added before the end of 2006.

Above: ITV 1 ident [1] - Beach. First aired at 9.25am on Monday November 13 2006.

Above: ITV 1 ident [2] - Bike. First aired at 8pm on Monday November 13 2006.

Above: ITV 1 ident [3] - Lake. First aired at 10.55am on Monday November 13 2006.

Above: ITV 1 ident [4] - Market. First aired at 10.30am on Monday November 13 2006.