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September 2003 - November 2004

Idents [1]

At 9.25am on September 01 2003, ITV 1 introduced a new on-air branding package. Bruce Dunlop & Associates were again heavily involved in the project, working alongside ITV's in-house Network Promotions Unit.

The entire on-air environment was revisited: break stings, break flashes, promotion packaging, menu layouts and idents. One of the key aims was to see a more extensive use of the four-block device, to tie the complete design together.

The new idents were filmed on three specially-created sets made in ITV’s signature blue and yellow colours. Over sixty new versions of the idents were shot, featuring some of ITV 1’s biggest names, including: Chris Tarrant, Martin Kemp, Katie Derham, Cat Deeley, Brenda Blethyn, Ant and Dec and Simon Cowell.

Jim Hytner, marketing and commercial director, ITV, said:

“We’re delighted with how the new on-air look has been received - all the feedback we’ve had shows that viewers feel the channel has a more modern, fresh feel. This new work builds on the strengths of the original package and keeps our portfolio of idents up-to-date with ITV 1’s current favourite faces.”

Matt Piper, senior designer at Bruce Dunlop & Associates, created the new look for the complete on-air package.

The idents were shot over three weeks in London Westway Studios and Manchester Granada Studios on Super 16 film. The director was Chaka Sobhani, producer Paul Braithwaite, director of photography Tim Green, set designer Richard Hornsey. They were telecined on Spirit at One Post Production by George Kyriacou.

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PAGE: Idents [1]
TALENT: David Hayman

PAGE: Idents [2]
TALENT: Anthony McPartland • Declan Donnelly • Pam Ferris

PAGE: Idents [3]
TALENT: Pete Waterman • Nicky Chapman • Neil Fox • Simon Cowell • Chris Tarrant

PAGE: Idents [4]
TALENT: Frank Skinner • David Baddiel • Cat Deeley • Nicholas Owen • Katie Derham • Mark Austin • John Suchet

PAGE: Idents [5]
TALENT: Katie Derham • Mark Austin • Mary Nightingale • Martin Kemp • Niamh Cusack • Pauline Collins

PAGE: Idents [6]
TALENT: Melanie Sykes • Ben Cross • Suranne Jones • Sally Lindsay • Chris Gascoyne • Bruno Langley • Tina O'Brien • Ryan Thomas • Nikki Sanderson • Adam Rickitt • Shobna Gulati • Keith Duffy • Wendy Craig • Phillip Schofield • Fern Britton

PAGE: Idents [7]
TALENT: Amy Nuttall • Ben Freeman • Nathan Gladwell • Patrick Mower • Emily Symons • Chris Chittell • Kelvin Fletcher • Sammy Winward • Karl Davies • Emma Atkins • Jeff Hordley • Tess Daly • Gaby Logan • Martin Bashir • Jim Rosental • Gary Lucy • Zoe Lucker • Ross Kemp

PAGE: Idents [8]
TALENT: Sue Johnson • Alun Armstrong • Michelle Collins • Lynda Bellingham • Des Lynam • Ali McCoist • Matt Smith • Esther Hall • Julie Graham

PAGE: Idents [9]
TALENT: Davina McCall • Kim Tiddy • Daniel MacPherson • Simon Rouse • Russell Floyd • Cyril Nri • Scott Maslen • Lisa Geoghan • Rene Zagger • Trudie Goodwin • David Neilson • Julie Hesmondhalgh • Harry Hill • Jon Culshaw

Above: ITV 1 ident [1] - Graphic Blue [1].

Above: ITV 1 ident [2] - Graphic Blue [2].

Above: ITV 1 ident [3] - Graphic Yellow [1].

Above: ITV 1 ident [4] - Graphic Yellow [2].

Above: ITV 1 ident [5] - David Hayman [1].

Above: ITV 1 ident [6] - David Hayman [2].

Above: ITV 1 ident [7] - David Hayman [3].

Above: ITV 1 ident [8] - David Hayman [4].

Above: ITV 1 ident [9] - David Hayman [5].