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September 2005 - Present

Idents [1]

BBC Four revealed new on-screen presentation and idents on Saturday September 10 2005. The new idents are based around optical illusions in which everyday images of a swimming pool, birds in flight, a library and an office are not what they at first seem. Each of the six new symbols at first glance appear to be a single image but on closer inspection are in fact made up of four separate frames.

"BBC Four's intelligent, rich and welcoming schedule is reflected beautifully in these captivating and surprising new idents," said the BBC Four controller, Janice Hadlow.

Charlie Mawer, the channel's executive creative director, said: "The four images in the idents may be mirrors of each other, reversed action, magnified versions of each other, or just simply re-ordered. They challenge our perceptions of every dimension - time, scale, and planes of movement."

Above: BBC Four ident - Mountains/Sea.

Above: BBC Four ident - Birds.

Above: BBC Four ident - Pool.

Above: BBC Four ident - Library.

Above: BBC Four ident - Flower.

Above: BBC Four ident - Office.