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October 1997 - March 2002

Idents [7] - Special Idents

Images from various balloon idents were brought together for the 'National Anthem' ident, used at closedown on BBC One.

Above: BBC One ident - National Anthem. This ident was in use from October 04 1997 until November 08 1997, when BBC One began simulcasting with BBC News 24 overnight.

In 1998, a series of special BBC One idents featured in 'The Ben Elton Show'. Each episode of the comedian's series started with a spoof BBC One balloon ident. These actually replaced the normal idents, and were voiced-over live by the BBC One continuity announcer.

The ident would then dissolve through to the studio band playing the title music, and an off-stage Ben would read a witty introduction as the BBC One logo transformed into 'the BEN ELTON show'. Wonder what Lambie-Nairn made of all that?

Above: BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Police [left]. [TX: 10.20pm April 16 1998]. BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Castle [right]. A rather bad bit of flying results in damage to Grey Abbey. [TX: 10.20pm April 23 1998].

Above: BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Balloon/2 [left]. A mischievous 'Blade' '2' channel hops and lands on top of the balloon, before slicing it along its length, and sending it spiralling out of control. [TX: 10.25pm April 30 1998]. BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Balloon Face [right]. [TX: 10pm May 07 1998].

Above: BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Forth Bridge [left]. Probably the most bizarre traffic jam you're ever likely to see, as Scotland's Forth Bridge gets clogged up with balloons. [TX: 10pm May 14 1998]. BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Untitled [right]. Starting with one of the short animations that appeared between trails (and the smaller BBC One logo that accompanied them), we then see the balloon getting a little bit too high. [TX: 10pm May 21 1998].

Above: BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Airplane [left]. Quietly hovering over the Thames, the poor balloon is buzzed by a jet from Ben Elton Airways, and gets caught in its slipstream, sending it down towards the river. [TX: 10.05pm May 28 1998]. BBC One ident - Ben Elton - Untitled [right]. Possibly getting short on ideas (or money), most of the elements from the previous shows converge over a Welsh lake, culminating in a crowded (and noisy) ident. [TX: 10pm June 04 1998].

August 1999 saw the first of a number of special balloon idents that were used to promote special events or big budget programmes.

Above: BBC One ident - Eclipse. This ident was used for around two weeks in the lead up to the eclipse of the sun in August 1999. It was withdrawn by the end of August.

Above: BBC One ident - Walking With Dinosaurs. Used to promote BBC One's 'Walking With Dinosaurs' series in autumn 1999. It appeared again in July/August 2000 for a repeat showing of 'Walking With Dinosaurs' and for the movie, 'Jurassic Park'.

Above: BBC One pre-programme sting - Millennium. This was used following one of the main BBC One idents to introduce millennium related programmes during 1999 and for a short time at the start of 2000.

Above: BBC One ident - 2000 Today. Used during the '2000 Today' telethon broadcast from December 31 1999 until January 01 2000.

Above: BBC One ident - Euro 2000. This ident was introduced on June 08 2000 for the duration of the 'Euro 2000' championships. It was rarely used after Euro 2000 but did pop up occasionally.

Above: BBC One ident - Olympics 2000. This ident was first shown at 10.20pm on August 25 2000. It was used to promote the BBC's coverage of the Olympics in September 2000. It was withdrawn from use at the end of the Olympic Games.

Above: BBC One ident - Blue Planet.

The 'Blue Planet' ident was created in 2001 to coincide with the transmission of the natural history series, 'The Blue Planet'. Produced by BBC Creative Services, it was the first BBC One ident to be created since Christmas. The ident combined footage from 'The Blue Planet' with computer graphic effects to float the BBC One balloon above shark infested waters. Clare Charlton produced, Sean de Sparengo directed and creative director Ruth Shabi oversaw the project which was created in Inferno by Harry Jarman at Golden Square Post Production.

Above: BBC One ident - Walking With Beasts. This ident was first transmitted at 7.30pm on Thursday November 08 2001. The symbol was created to coincide with a major new BBC One series, 'Walking With Beasts'. 'Walking With Beasts' used state of the art special effects to recreate the weird and wonderful creatures that stalked the earth after the dinosaurs became extinct.

Above: in preparation for the relaunch of CBBC on February 11 2002, some of the BBC One symbols in and around CBBC broadcasts had an extra little addition.