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These pages are produced in collaboration with Paul R Jackson.

Television producer/director freelancing as an announcer with S4C from the early-1990s. Previously worked as television announcer for BBC Wales and in Hong Kong.

Heard on S4C from the early-1990s. Actor who also freelances as an announcer. Has also previously worked for BBC Wales presentation.

Nia was an S4C in-vision continuity announcer in the mid-1980s. She also presented 'Newyddion'.

She now works as an independent television producer and director.

One time star of stage and screen but since November 1998 has worked from the little dark cupboard under the stairs at S4C conducting experiments on the connection between sleep deprivation, Vodka Red Bull and slurred speech.

Celebrated harpist who joined S4C as an in-vision announcer in the late-1980s. Launched S4C in-vision weather service. Left early-1990s.

Occasional announcer in the late-1990s.

Actor on both radio and television, freelancing as an announcer with S4C from late-1990s.

Occasional announcer in the late-1990s.

Announcer with S4C from 1991. Worked in Welsh television since 1960s. Now mostly heard on daytime and occasional presenter of programmes.

Television and radio presenter, producer and director, freelancing as an announcer since late-1990s.

Actress and presenter, freelancing with S4C since late-1990s.

Moved from BBC Radio Cymru presentation in 1991. Left to work as TV producer.

Started in PR with HTV Wales in the mid-1980s. Worked late-1980s as an announcer with BBC Radio Cymru. Joined S4C's continuity team in 1991 when presentation went out-of-vision.

Joined S4C in the late-1980s. Moved to music production at BBC Wales, then as announcer to BBC Radio 3.

Began as an announcer with Teledu Cymru/WWN in 1962. Moved to BBC Wales as a radio and television announcer in 1964 until 1982. When S4C began in 1982, Robin was appointed chief announcer. Recently retired, now occasionally freelances as an S4C announcer.

One of S4C's original in-vision announcers in 1982. Now television producer for HTV Wales.

Joined S4C as an announcer in the mid-1980s. Famously moved on to ITV national weather. She also presents the regional forecasts for ITV London.
Image courtesy of Paul R Jackson.

Narrator and actor, freelancing with S4C since early-1990s. Has also worked as an announcer at Channel 4.

Freelance relief announcer in the 1980s.

S4C's most recognised presentation personality. Now presents the weather on the channel. Has previously worked as an announcer with S4C from the early-1990s. Jenny was also a long serving announcer for HTV Wales. One of her first TV jobs was as one of the glamorous hostesses on 'Sion A Sian', the Welsh language version of 'Mr And Mrs' in the 1960s. As well as announcing for HTV, Jenny occasionally appeared as an announcer on Thames TV in London.

A familiar face on HTV Wales continuity in the 1970s and 1980s, before moving to S4C. Quit S4C in 1992. Now works as an actor.

Occasional announcer in the early-1990s.

Actor, freelancing as an announcer.

Actress, freelancing as S4C announcer.

Singer who joined S4C as an in-vision announcer in the late-1980s.

After a period presenting entertainment and children's programmes, Liz joined S4C's in-vision continuity team in the mid-1980s. Continued announcing out-of-vision from 1991 onwards, migrating for a while to HTV Wales presentation. Now also undertakes weather presenting duties.

One of S4C's original in-vision announcers in 1982. Now presents for BBC Radio Cymru

As a singer, Margaret had her own television series, which ran from 1982 until 1999 on S4C. There were also earlier programmes for BBC Wales during the 1960s and 1970s.

From the mid-1980s until early-1990s, Margaret was a freelance in-vision announcer for S4C, having been an out-of-vision announcer for HTV in the 1970s, whilst also fronting her own series, 'Welsh Notes', for the company.

Margaret has worked extensively for S4C. A whole evening of programming dedicated to her was broadcast at Christmas 2004; it included her live concert from the North Wales Theatre, Llandudno, a portrait programme about her life, and 'Cwin Y Sgrin'.